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Outsourcing: FCA Regulated MiFID Firms


This module covers the regulatory framework that MIFID firms need to consider when outsourcing activities intra-group or to third party service providers. Outsourcing has been a key supervisory target of regulators. 

Learning Objectives

Learners will attain a broad understanding of the outsourcing requirements for financial services firms and cover the following subjects in the two part module:

Part 1


a) What is Outsourcing?

b) Regulatory Focus & Framework.

c) What activities should not be considered Outsourcing.

2. Critical and Important Operational Functions

3. FCA Approach

Knowledge Check

Part 2

1. EBA Outsourcing Guidelines

2. Outsourcing to the Cloud

3. FCA Enforcement Actions

4. Recommendations



The duration of this 2 part module is approximately 30 minutes. The first part is followed by a knowledge check for which we have allocated 2 minutes to complete. We have allocated up to 10 minutes for the assessment that follows the completed module.

Time: 42 minutes

Randomised Assessment

Bespoke Optional

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