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Anti-Bribery and Corruption


In the United Kingdom, bribery and bribery-related offences are governed by the Bribery Act 2010, legislation which has been described as “the toughest anti-bribery legislation in the world”. 


The Act has a direct impact on the way in which companies, particularly those with overseas operations, carry out their business activities. The Act's key provisions are as follows:

a) the establishment of two general bribery offences: one concerned with giving bribes and the other concerned with taking them;

b) the creation of a separate offence of bribery of a foreign public official;

c) a corporate offence of "failure to prevent bribery"; and

d) maximum penalty for individuals found guilty of bribery offences of ten years' imprisonment, or an unlimited fine, or both. Companies may also be subject to an unlimited fine.

This course will provide Learners with an outline of how the Bribery Act impacts them and their company. 

Learning Objectives

Learners will:

a) attain an understanding of the impact of the Bribery Act;

b) receive a summary of each of the offences under the Bribery Act and the Act's extra-territorial effect;

c) receive a explanation of the defence of "adequate procedures";

d) hear a summary of two recent cases;

e) hear a series of recommendations linked to statutory guidance. 


The duration of this 2 part module is approximately 23 minutes. Each section is followed by a knowledge check and we have allocated 2 minutes to complete these. We have allocated up to 15 minutes for the assessment that follows the completed module.

Time: 40 minutes

Randomised Assessment

Bespoke Optional

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