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FSLearn Portal

Learner experience through the training life-cycle is central to FSLearn's portal design. Very clear and easy to follow dashboards allow for the focus of each learner to be on getting the most out of our courses, which are delivered by an experienced and seasoned expert in each topic. 

The portal also has a range of reporting functionality which makes the role of the HR Manager and Compliance officer much easier in keeping a record of how Learners are progressing. 

On completion, Learners are eligible to receive one of our FSLearn certificates. 

FSLearn Demo Video

Reporting on the Portal

Course Status Reports: A variety of reports are available to the firm's appointed representative on Learners' progress and results. Valuable management information and can be used to validate training status.


Course History Reports: There are also in-depth reports available for Learners with a breakdown of all courses completed with the accompanying results.


Reports are available as both CSV and PDF files. There is a range of reporting tools available so that whatever information is required for a manager's records can be met. 

Receive Certification for your hard work!

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